Roll On Bicycle Lending Service

Diferenciación Differentiation

Our Differentiation
  • Prevent Vandalism
  • Flexible
  • Eficient
  • Scalable
  • Steady/Mature hw-sw
  • Accesible
  • Sustainable (economical maintenance)

Integración de Servicios Públicos The System

El Sistema
  • Control design with just one device to reduce fault points.
  • Automatical detection of comunication problems.
  • Self-correction of any loan closing abnormalities by the activity of the service.


  • GPRS communications safeguarded by SMS in case of a saturation of the mobile network.
  • Singular system managed from a centralised control unit on a M2M platform currently professionalised and scalable to additional services, the economy of scale allows the possibility to obtain a high-quality service at an affordable Price.

Sustainability and methods of access

  • Unique loaning system with three methods of Access to the loan.
Sustainability and methods of access

Que es Electric autonomy

  • Consumption of the Stations
  • Possibility of electric autonomy with an installation of 60 Wp on a solar panel and 70 Ah on the batteries.
  • With one solar panel a singular bicycle station is maintained

Eficiencia Efficiency in the design and equipment Vs Vandalim

  • A design that prevents the vandalism of the machinery
  • Anchoring design of the bicycle to the station based on the concept of “ doublé joint cardan” this system allows that even if they want to move or use the bicycle as leverage they will fail and the efforts to obtain the bicycle will not damage the station.
  • Mature system, continuous improvement since 2007, installed in 47 cities.
Eficiencia en disenio
Eficiencia en disenio

Que es Maintenance and management of the system online

The Maintenance

  • Sealing of the elements of stations.
  • Accessibility.
  • Easy to access for assistance personnel.
  • Elements of the bicycle tested and studied for this factor.
  • Modularity of the elements:
    • - Promotes intermodality
      • In the electronic elements
      • On the machinery

The Maintenance (Statistics and reports)

Imagen Mantenimiento
Imagen Mantenimiento
Imagen Mantenimiento

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