Roll On SPB (Public bicycle system)

Diferenciación SPB targets


understanding the bicycle as an:
Alternative, efficient, healthy and affordable mean of transport.


Report back information:
Social acceptance - energy saving - reduction of pollution - sustainability

Integración de Servicios Públicos Requirements for a SPB

Institutional support

  • It needs to be standardised as one more system of public transport.
  • Citizens must feel the SPB as its own.
  • The council encourages, helps and makes it easier to make the projects posible.
    • - Looks for a sustainable system paid by the users with minimun cost for their coffers.
    • - Private management makes it the sustainability of the service posible.
    • - Discloses the benefits of the public bicycle.
    • - It implements the convetional and digital communication plan.

Intermodality Project

  • Bike lane.
  • Areas of shared circulation.
  • Reasonable distance between bicycle Stations.
  • Parking infrastructure of prívate bicycles.
  • Facilitate Access to diferent means of transport.
  • To give priority to non polluting public transport.
  • Improvement of urban life.

Diferenciación Public-private partnerchip (PPP).

Sustainable model ppp

Gestion de Mantenimiento

Integración de Servicios Públicos System sustainability

  • The ideal thing would be to carry out a prívate-public partnership model where the investment is Co-financed public-private and the management of the anual maintenance of the service, is sustained by the revenues generated by the service is subscriptions, business partnerships ór business asociations, publicity, information, etc or payment of the service provided to the users (pay-per-user).
  • The system is maintained and is amortized in part by prívate managers, whose profiability is obtained during the lifetime of the Project.The system grows in bicycle stations annually that pay themselves by the forms mentioned to above.
  • The objective is to establish a form of transportation with great repercusión in the city.due to its growth within the metropolitana area.

Que es Justification of the investment

  • Reduction of costs of other public transport services, mainly buses or trams ( five bus routes have already been closed in Valencia)
  • Reduced cost of infrastructure maintenance due to less use.
  • Reduction of traffic management services as a result of a number of vehicle users.
  • Reduction of pollution emissions (one bike equal to one car less).
  • Increased use of prívate bicycle:
    • The public system usualy loses10% of the users to prívate bicycles.